Media Biographies

Media Biographies You Can Use

Here are a selection of biographies you can cut-and-paste into your newspaper or magazine or use as an introduction for broadcast interviews.

[box]Broadcast Intro 1
Joining us now is Graham Jones who is a psychologist specialising in understanding the way people use the Internet.[/box]

[box]Broadcast Intro 2
With me now is Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones. Before we begin Graham, just what is an Internet Psychologist?[/box]

[box]Print Biography 1
Graham Jones is an Internet Psychologist who helps businesses understand customer behaviour through his website at[/box]

[box]Print Biography 2
Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones, studies the way people use the Internet. He is the author of several books about the Internet as well as a highly successful blog about Internet Psychology, currenty rated the 4th best psychology blog in the world. See:[/box]

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