The Traffic to Your Content Drops by 98% After One Month

New research shows that online articles enjoy a very short period of high traffic, followed by a sharp decline.

New research shows that online articles enjoy a very short period of high traffic, followed by a sharp decline.

The research, conducted by Boost the News, analyzes the traffic of 30 articles from different websites. The analysis points at the following phenomena:

In 74% of articles, traffic reaches its peak on the day of publication.

25% of articles reach their traffic peak on the first or second day after publication. Less than 1% of the articles reached their traffic peak more than 2 days after the day of publication.

The peak in traffic is quickly followed by a drastic drop: within one week, traffic of articles drops in average by 90%.

After one month, traffic is down by more than 98%, and the average daily traffic of articles is equivalent to merely 1.7% of the traffic during the peak.

The results of the research are of big importance for online publishers and for online marketers:

For online publishers, the results mean that the competition over readers is harder than ever, and content must be constantly created and promoted in order to maintain high traffic in the long term.

For online marketers, the results put a big question mark on the efficacy of their content marketing efforts. Brands that spend thousands of dollars on creating high-quality branded content should know that the effect of their investment lasts for merely a few days. It also means that the impact of SEO on long-term traffic of online content is minimal: after the initial buzz fades away, organic traffic stands for less than 2% of the initial traffic.

Marketers and publishers must thus develop a sustainable, long-term promotion strategy for their content. Without it, most of the resources they have invested on creating content will be irrelevant already after a week.

Read the full results of the research by Boost the News.

WordPress Owners Urged to Check For Infection With Online Scanner

More than 11,000 websites have been blacklisted by Google, after being compromised by “SoakSoak” malware

A new online scanner has been developed by IT security experts Foregenix that enables WordPress owners to check their sites for infection following the announcement that more than 11,000 websites have been blacklisted by Google, after being compromised by “SoakSoak” malware.

SoakSoak modifies a file in infected sites’ WordPress installation, then loads a Javascript malware from the domain.

The malware is using a vulnerability in the RevSlider WordPress plugin which is often used within WordPress themes, meaning website owners may not know they are at risk as it could have been included without their knowledge.

The Foregenix scanner has already been run against one million websites globally, finding an average of two percent compromise rate – equating to a potential of 20,000 of infected sites.

Website owners are being urged to check their website at where the scanner will firstly assess whether the infected Javascript is present, and secondly whether the site has been compromised. The Foregenix support team can then be on hand to assist you back to recovery.

Speaking about the infection, Foregenix Director, Benjamin said:

“It is likely that the impact of this malware could be far greater than has been predicted with hundreds and thousands of sites affected.

“We recently ran a similar scanner following a Magento breach, scanning thousands of websites and reporting nearly 5% infection rate. WordPress website owners should act now and visit to make sure their site is safe.”

Built on a solid reputation of trust and reliability, Foregenix are forerunners in information security; simplifying the compliance process and ensuring payment environments are secure.

To find out more about Foregenix visit, or email

Backup Technology release Version 3 of Online Backup for WordPress

Backup Technology release Version 3 of Online Backup for WordPress

Backup Technology Ltd, developers of the free Online Backup plugin for WordPress (OBFW) will shortly be releasing Version 3 of their in-house developed backup tool. The latest version brings with it many new features that further improve what is already regarded as the leading free WordPress backup plugin. To date, the plugin has been downloaded just under 250,000 times.

New in Version 3 of OBFW is the Local Backup function. Development of the plugin is constantly driven by user feedback, and many users requested the ability to backup locally as well as on Backup Technology’s free, secure online storage. Backup Technology has responded with a simple yet effective Local Backup feature to provide automatic local storage where multiple generations can be kept. To stop data from growing too large, users can configure retention settings that will remove old generations as new ones are created. Local Backups can also be run on schedule.

A further improvement to Version 3 is Multisite Compatibility, which enables entire WordPress networks to be protected at Network Admin level. This helps to simplify backups for users who operate many different blogs or websites.

Many of the changes made to the plugin have resulted from user feedback on the WordPress Support Forum. Ritchie Fiddes, COO at Backup Technology welcomes feedback from users; “The feedback that we get is invaluable when improving the features of the OBFW plugin. We are delighted that 250,000 people have downloaded and are using the plugin, and we anticipate that the new features will enable many more users to benefit from our completely free service.”

Backup Technology are very proud of their Online Backup plugin as it provides users with a reliable and simple to use product that is comprehensive yet free of charge. The long list of capabilities was something highlighted by in their top 10 shortlist of the best backup plugins for WordPress, in which the plugin was described as “outstanding” with “nearly everything you need for full-blown, time saving, disaster-recovery WordPress backup”.

This praise from a well-known internet magazine such as, came after the Online Backup plugin had passed the milestone of 100,000 downloads in September 2012.

There are still plans for further development of the plugin, with the main aim being automated restores, to enable simpler recovery of data. Backup Technology will also continue to strive to improve the efficiency of the plugin.

Download the plugin and protect your blog and website now at:

Huffington Post Media Group Launches HuffPost Live

New Streaming Network From Huffington POst Gives Viewers a Chance to Join Live Conversations

The Huffington Post Media Group announces the launch of HuffPost Live, the site’s live streaming network. Starting today, anyone with a smart phone, a tablet, or a webcam has the chance to instantly join the conversation happening on HuffPost Live.

“The news is no longer about a few people telling everyone else what happened – it’s about everyone telling everyone what’s happening right now. And now. And now… This shift from presentation to participation is what fuels HuffPost Live.”

“We have reached a moment where – thanks to technology – millions of people have a seat at the table and can join what has become a global conversation,” said Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group. “The news is no longer about a few people telling everyone else what happened – it’s about everyone telling everyone what’s happening right now. And now. And now… This shift from presentation to participation is what fuels HuffPost Live.”

“This is not just a video network. It’s really a platform for engagement,” said Roy Sekoff, President and Co-Creator of HuffPost Live and Founding Editor of the Huffington Post. “From the beginning, one of our goals has been to try and create the most social video experience possible. And that means putting the HuffPost community front and center in everything we do, including having them join us live on the air. The idea is to provide a platform to people whose voices aren’t normally heard in the traditional media.”

On HuffPost Live, users can speak out on the issues that matter most to them, on equal footing with the network’s other guests, including newsmakers, celebrities, pundits and experts.

The Huffington Post has one of the most active communities on the web. The site averages 2,000,000 comments a week – roughly five comments every second of every day.

“On HuffPost, 70% of all comments are responses to other comments,” said Sekoff. “Our users are not just commenting on HuffPost. They are having conversations and forming communities around their passions and interests. We decided to double down on engagement and make those conversations the focus of HuffPost Live.”

At launch, HuffPost Live’s host/producers include Marc Lamont Hill, Abby Huntsman, Alicia Menendez, Alyona Minkovski, Nancy Redd, Mike Sacks, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Jacob Soboroff, Janet Varney and Josh Zepps. HuffPost’s reporters, bloggers and editors – including those from the site’s international editions – will be an integral part of the programming, making regular appearances that will give viewers a real-time sense of what is happening on verticals all across HuffPost.

HuffPost Live operates out of studios in New York and Los Angeles, with a satellite studio operating out of HuffPost’s Washington, D.C. bureau. HuffPost Live will live-stream 12 hours of programming, five days a week, with highlights shown overnight and on the weekends.

Big brands are looking to bloggers for more than access to their audiences

Inviting bloggers to press previews is essential to creating buzz. But what about hiring bloggers to help develop them from start to finish? Can a blogger add real value to these events?

Inviting bloggers to press previews is essential to creating buzz in the fashion industry, but what about hiring bloggers to help develop them from start to finish? Can a blogger add real value to these events?

The answer is absolutely yes, but it depends on the experience, knowledge, connections, and personality of the blogger. By hiring a well-established blogger with years of expertise on and off-line, a company can gain quick and easy access to a loyal and targeted fan base. That alone may be worth paying for depending on the size of the following, but some bloggers offer much more than that.

For instance, Jenny Altman and Danielle Black who founded fashion site bring more than the attention of their audience to a press preview. They bring with them over 30 years of industry experience and a large network of connections that can help make sure an event is successful. Jenny has been a Stylist and Fashion Editor for Oprah, Lucky, and InStyle, and Danielle has helped launch brands in department stores including Dillards, Saks, and Bloomingdales.
It’s no wonder their pink stamp logo is appearing on invitations all over town for companies from Bergdorf Goodman to Hanky Panky to BedHead Pajamas. They not only host press previews making sure the atmosphere is fun, energetic, and educational, they also help in the planning of the details from developing a guest list that includes the right mix of people to strategizing on social media tactics to keep the buzz going on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

“These days, a press preview needs to break through the four walls of the event to be a real success,” said Altman. “Danielle and I have a lot of experience with social media and we’ve been on both sides of a press preview, so we’ve been able to give companies insight on how to create the buzz they’re looking for. Because of our industry experience, we’re also able to put them in touch with top influencers, including editors and bloggers, and business partners like web developers, graphic designers and public relations teams if they need them.”

Jenny and Danielle typically partner with a company for a three week long engagement leading up to an event for fees starting at $5,000. They’re also available for longer and more in-depth partnerships based on the needs of the company. In any relationship it’s their goal to help put all of the right pieces in place to create buzz worthy events that turn guests into their clients’ best brand ambassadors.

ScribbleLive Works with The Associated Press to Launch a New Era of Live Journalism

ScribbleLive is pleased to announce the release of the ScribbleLive Advanced Content Module (ACM). ACM is the first product emerging from collaboration between ScribbleLive and The Associated Press

ScribbleLive is pleased to announce the release of the ScribbleLive Advanced Content Module (ACM). ACM is the first product emerging from collaboration between ScribbleLive and The Associated Press(AP) to create better tools for real-time journalism.

The ScribbleLive ACM lets news teams create live blog posts and articles that combine different types of content such as images, video, audio, slideshows, commentary and tweets into a single post to provide a better perspective on the news without sacrificing speed.

“The ScribbleLive Advanced Content Module marks a revolution in how news organizations will produce and distribute real-time news for today’s non-stop society,” said Michael De Monte, CEO of ScribbleLive. “It has been a great honour and pleasure to work with The Associated Press and to have our technology support their exciting vision for the future of real-time news.”

AP will be using the ScribbleLive ACM to produce real-time news and syndicate it to its customers around the world. In the coming weeks, the new partnership will offer programs that include new content, software and training options for AP Wire customers.

“ScribbleLive’s base platform offered us a great starting point for running coverage and our collaboration on the ACM made it possible to integrate all media types in that coverage,” said Jim Kennedy, AP’s senior vice president for strategy and digital products. “We’re looking forward to where this can take us.”

ScribbleLive ACM builds on ScribbleLive’s LiveArticle technology and ScribbleLive LiveSyndication, developed late in 2011 through a partnership with British news agency The Press Association, to deliver rich, multi-part real-time coverage to a global audience.

Google Changes Forcing Internet Marketers To Ditch The Tricks and Return To Quality Content

The steps that Google has taken to ensure its search engine delivers quality and relevant results to users has seen scores of ‘grey hat’ and ‘black hat’ networks and tools become instantly redundant.

In the last twelve months, many internet marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists have, according to content specialist, Kerry Finch, had their worlds turned upside down. And the reason rests with Google’s commitment to deliver the best results possible to users of its search engine.

“Over the years there have been thousands of SEO tricks, work arounds, tools and strategies that have been able to keep a step ahead of Google” said Ms Finch. “Until 2011 however, it seemed that the big search engine was always playing catch-up.”

However, in 2011, Google began rolling out regular and unannounced changes to its search algorithms, the ‘Google Panda’, and, more recently, ‘Google Penguin’ updates. Not only that, the organization also charges its teams with the task of identifying unacceptable practices – the type that many SEO companies employed to help improve the rankings of their clients’ websites.

“These included link-building systems, including blog networks where people could post second grade content and have it distributed to hundreds, sometimes thousands of sites on the network” said Kerry. “The result, for the unsuspecting searcher, was valueless and irrelevant content being returned after a search query was made.”

Back To The Future

When Kerry Finch first began writing content for her clients back in 2007, all that was requested was original and relevant, well researched, material. Gradually, however, things changed.

“Some of my clients embraced spinning programs to help stretch their articles further. They used the services of poor quality writing services to obtain keyword rich content that was used to further pollute the online space” she said. “And I admit, I did lose some clients to the tools and strategies that focused on quantity rather than quality.”

“With the dramatic, sometimes devastating, changes that Google has implemented in recent months, the demand for unique content has sometimes been overwhelming. In fact, I have just added 4 more writers, from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia to my team” said Ms Finch.

While many website owners and managers have seen their sites disappear from Google rankings (sometimes overnight), the websites that have retained a focus on quality unique content, are the ones that have been left unscathed.

Kerry detailed how premium written content boosts online business marketing in a recent blog post at

PR Newswire launches dedicated site for bloggers

PR Newswire, the global leader of innovative marketing and communications solutions, today announced the launch of PR Newswire… for bloggers

PR Newswire, the global leader of innovative marketing and communications solutions, today announced the launch of PR Newswire… for bloggers , a dedicated resource for self publishers, online journalists, hobbyists and other members of the ever-growing blogosphere.


PR Newswire… for bloggers features both original and third-party content relevant to a blogging audience, while also providing information about the range of services PR Newswire offers to bloggers, such as customized newsfeeds, listings of upcoming events, a news widget for websites and blogger media tour opportunities.

“PR Newswire recognizes the growing influence of bloggers and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for them to access the content, tools and information they need to develop their blogs and increase visibility,” said Thomas Hynes, manager, blogger relations, PR Newswire.  “PR Newswire…for bloggers is designed to be a one-stop shop, consolidating numerous resources into one comprehensive and easy-to-navigate space.”

Furthermore, each week, five new blogs are reviewed and profiled on the site. The compilation of blog reviews illustrates strong examples of blogging on a variety of subject matters. Currently, the site includes reviews of food, film and education blogs.  The chosen bloggers are also given a badge of recognition from PR Newswire to display on their site.

“There are so many great blogs out there – and that list grows daily,” said Hynes. “Our goal is to highlight some of those blogs we find interesting or influential – which ultimately comes down to engaging content.  Fortunately, there is no shortage of great blogs publishing just that so we shouldn’t run out of candidates any time soon.”

For more information on what PR Newswire is offering to bloggers, visit:

Virgin Money Sponsors Britmums Blogger Initiative

Virgin Money is sponsoring a competition run by blogging network Britmums aimed at uncovering the best practical money saving tips and stories from mummy bloggers around the UK

Virgin Money is sponsoring a competition run by blogging network Britmums aimed at uncovering the best practical money saving tips and stories from mummy bloggers around the UK. Two winners will each receive a GBP500 prize to help them start their own nest egg for the future. As well as creating video interviews on money-saving tips with top bloggers to get things started, Britmums will also be hosting a live Twitter event later this month.

Backed by Virgin Money’s Stocks and Shares ISA team, who are providing the prize money, the initiative aims to help people who might want to save or invest for the future, but who don’t feel that they have enough money to spare each month.

Scott Mowbray, a spokesman for Virgin Money, said: “Mums are often the unofficial guardians of family finances and day-to-day expenditure, so they have some great insights into where the savings can be made. We hope that this initiative will provide inspiration for anyone who is looking to put a little bit of money aside each week, whether it’s for a rainy day or to invest in one of our products.”

The competition is open to anyone who submits a tip or story to the competition page on the Britmums website, and two entrants will be randomly chosen to receive the GBP500 prizes.

The competition will run beyond the end of the financial year on the 5th of April, which is the deadline for this year’s ISA applications, and will close at 17:00 BST on the 10th of April. All the tips and stories collected will be made available on the Virgin Money website when the competition closes.

Anyone wishing to find out more should visit the Virgin Money Stocks and Shares ISA page, where terms & conditions are also available

Right Source Marketing Launches Content Marketing Service

Right Source Marketing, a marketing firm that delivers strategic consulting and interactive marketing services, today launched Content Magnet, a content marketing service that helps businesses plan, create and distribute content in order to improve the performance of all marketing initiatives.

Content marketing works because it ties several interactive marketing tactics together around a guiding strategy: using information to reach a new audience, draw that audience back, and convert members of that audience into qualified leads. Whether it’s social media, search engine optimization, or email marketing, content marketing is not a replacement for any other marketing tactic, but instead focuses on integrating and invigorating those tactics into a cohesive whole.

A study by King Fish Media found that 74% of marketers identified content marketing as a more effective ROI generator than traditional advertising. Yet content marketing is still relatively ill defined. Right Source Marketing is on a mission to change that.

“Content marketing is not a new concept. Most organizations are already doing the content part,” said Mike Sweeney, managing partner at Right Source Marketing. “What the average organization does not understand is the marketing part of the equation. Creating content is just a first step – proper planning, optimization, distribution and reporting sets Content Magnet apart.”

Right Source Marketing’s viewpoint is that the average organization should place a far greater emphasis on content marketing, due to its impact on all other marketing tactics and its ability to turn even non-marketing employees into marketing contributors.
“The days of marketing being contained within one department are over,” said Will Davis, managing partner at Right Source Marketing. “With the proliferation of social media usage and everyone’s ability to share content easily, everyone in an organization becomes a marketer. Everyone becomes a content creator. Everyone becomes a content distributor.”

Right Source Marketing has already implemented its Content Magnet service for a handful of clients, and the reception and results encouraged the firm to fast track the rollout of the service. For more information on Right Source Marketing and Content Magnet, explore the following:

  • View the Content Magnet on the Right Source Marketing Website
  • Read the Launch Blog Post on Marketing Trenches
  • Sign Up for the Right Source Marketing Webinar – “Magnetizing Your Content”

About Right Source Marketing
Right Source Marketing provides clients with a unique blend of strategic consulting and interactive marketing services. With offices in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas, the firm works with over 30 clients to create unique, effective and measurable solutions to each organization’s particular marketing challenges.

Today’s Admin Launches Interactive Social Media, Marketing and Business Blog

Jennifer Rai, CEO & Founder of Today’s Admin, LLC, announces the launch of her new website, Starting with an impressive list of over 200 industry-leading authors already submitting content to the site, Daily Blogma is coming out of the gates with great momentum.

Stamford, Connecticut (PRWEB) March 27, 2011

Jennifer Rai, CEO & Founder of Today’s Admin, LLC, announces the launch of her new website, Starting with an impressive list of over 200 industry-leading authors already submitting content to the site, Daily Blogma is coming out of the gates with great momentum. The new site strives to maintain an informative and entertaining blend of topics focusing on Social Media, Lifestyle, Marketing, Careers, and Business.

Daily Blogma is an interactive blog, encouraging participation from their readers by asking them to provide a star rating for each blog post and to communicate with the author and other readers through comments and messaging. Readers will also find an abundance of options for sharing blog posts and information with their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. The blog also offers a Daily Digest that gives readers the option to receive the latest news and blog posts delivered right to their email inbox.

The authors featured on Daily Blogma have been hand selected to ensure that readers are provided with quality content. Ms. Rai says, “I want to make sure that the site stays filled with quality information. It would be very easy to turn the site into an article submission site, where anyone can submit anything and have it published, but that is not the direction I want to go in. I will continue to select authors that I feel have an expertise to share with our readers.” The 200+ authors already contributing to the site include Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Executives and Expert Consultants from a variety of industries. Christian J. Farber, Entrepreneur & Investor is one such contributor. Farber says, “I find real value in the topics and writers who blog here. Jennifer has managed to launch a site that has already attracted heavy traffic in just a few weeks, which in turn drives traffic to my sites and increases my brand awareness. Daily Blogma is a great new blog site with a unique look, feel and personality!”

Industry leaders and expert authors who are interested in contributing to Daily Blogma can learn more by visiting or calling 888-884-3586.

Social Media Strategist Offers New Ghost Blogging Service For Time-Crunched Small Business Owners

Social media strategist Lori Osterberg is now offering ghost blogging services to time-crunched business owners.

According to entrepreneur Lori Osterberg, small businesses are facing two problems in the current marketplace:

1. They know they need to become more Internet savvy, and begin reaching out to clients through various social media sites. They create blogs and open up accounts on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, only to realize they aren’t sure what to do next.

2. They understand they simply don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on their to-do lists. After working a full day on their normal tasks, adding another hour or two networking on social sites and writing blog posts simply isn’t possible.

“I continually meet small business owners that realize the potential a blog could have on marketing their businesses,” stated Lori Osterberg, founder of “Yet the overwhelm quickly sets in. They aren’t sure where to find the time to write and network, and what to write and communicate about with their followers.”

Enter The Social Ghost. provides ghost blogging services to time-crunched small business owners. Instead of taking on the role of writing about their product, service and industry, TheSocialGhost becomes an extension of their marketing team, and provides the content necessary to reach out to prospective customers, and provide quality information that helps them build a strong web presence.

Blogs typically help a small business owner in two ways.

1. Blog posts provide content that helps build up a company’s expertise. Consumers aren’t gullible and quick shoppers anymore. They have the tools at their fingertips to become experts at any subject matter in a short period of time. In a matter of minutes, using a desktop, laptop or mobile device, they can access websites and blogs, find testimonials and reviews, and gain instant access to a variety of product or service information. Consumers are looking for the businesses that are willing to share information, and teach them why they should depend on them as a company. And with a blog, a small business owner can feed in all the content and advice they desire, giving consumers what they are searching for.

2. Blog posts are quick to receive ranking within the search engines. Google currently has around 31 billion searches every single month. If a small business owner wants to gain traction in the search engines, a blog is the best way to do it. Blog posts can be written towards very specific terms, and focused on reaching out to specific clients and niches. The more specific, the greater the chance of being found within that search term.

“The ultimate goal is to help small business owners use technology to reach out to their target client, and stay active in engaging them,” stated Osterberg. “Our job isn’t to pretend to be the business owner, or communicate as such. Instead, we focus on building up expertise, and reaching out to educate readers on the company and the industry itself.”

Start-up Offering Social Media Tools For Blogs Grows

TheBlogFrog, a tech start up offering social add-ons (also called widgets) for blogs, is taking the mom blogger market by storm. The Boulder-based company offers social features for blogs that let blog readers ask each other questions, discuss relevant topics, and see each others’ blog posts and Twitter streams, all without leaving the blog.

Hamann and Banks

Hamann and Banks

TheBlogFrog launched in Q4 2008 and is the brainchild of Rustin Banks, who developed the beta product during nights and weekends while still a full-time engineer at a local aerospace company. Banks said he got the idea from his wife, an amateur blogger who used her blog to keep friends and family updated on their growing family. He knew there had to be a better way for readers of blogs to interact. “There was no simple way for bloggers to enable real discussions and interaction on their blogs.” stated Banks. “A blog might have thousands of like-minded readers but what if I want to ask another reader a question or share my own blog content?” asked Banks.

So Banks left his aerospace job and recruited co-founder Holly Hamann, a start-up marketing veteran and blogger, to help launch the service to the blogosphere. Within months, the social widget service had struck a chord with mom bloggers, who have become the company’s largest market to date.

“Our social features really resonate with mom bloggers because they are inherently community and service oriented. Women and moms tend to be more social online than men and also tend to form stronger online relationships.” said Hamann.

“Our widgets have been viewed more than 50 million times by over 800,000 blog readers and growth has been phenomenal”. Said Banks. TheBlogFrog has quickly grown to almost 20,000 members, whose blogs all cross-pollinate each others’ content via social widgets and community forums. This makes TheBlogFrog the largest, integrated network of mom blogs on the Internet. Growing segments of communities include blogs that serve military families, homeschooling, parents with special needs children, food blogs and those offering expertise on “going green” and surviving financially in a recession.

The company recently partnered with one of the most influential online mom sites, 5 Minutes for Mom, to launch a reader community for the tens of thousands of moms that visit the site monthly. The popular mom site is a Technorati Top 100 blog and was created in 2006 by twin sisters Susan Carraretto and Janice Croze. Within several hours of launching, there were over 45 discussions taking place in the online community with more than 500 replies. “We are thrilled to see our BlogFrog community connect our users in meaningful, interactive conversations.” said Carraretto. “5 Minutes for Mom is all about bringing moms together and our community helps us reach that goal by integrating Web 2.0 style forums with Blog and Twitter feeds to create a truly active community.” added Croze.

“There are 120,000 new blogs created every day and the total number of blogs is expected to double by 2012*. Says Banks. “Every person has a unique story to tell and people are gravitating to blogs as a way to share what they know. The social web is evolving from large, single-destination social sites to an integrated network of millions of smaller, niche blogs.”

By cross-pollinating content within its network of blogs via the social widgets, TheBlogFrog helps bloggers increase exposure and traffic for their blogs, which enhances reader engagement and revenue opportunities.

About TheBlogFrog
Based in Boulder, Colorado, and founded in October 2008, TheBlogFrog brings social network capabilities to blogs via a family of community-building blog tools that enable interaction among readers. Readers can ask each other questions, see blog posts and Twitter feeds from other readers, and see trending discussion topics. TheBlogFrog’s customers include bloggers and website owners who want to give visitors more ways to interact and who are looking to increase traffic and reader engagement on their sites.