Twitter for Speakers

Twitter can be used by professional speakers and presenters in a variety of ways; this download shows how.

Twitter can be used in a variety of ways by speakers and those conducting conferences, seminars and workshops. This guidebook provides several ideas for using Twitter “live” during meetings of all kinds and to enhance a speech. Speakers and meeting organisers can also use Twitter to promote events and deal with post event follow up. This report provides some useful ideas and links for anyone involved in meetings and live events.

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Twitter is not just about cheese sandwiches

Twitter is Not Just About Cheese SandwichesTwitter is Not Just About Cheese Sandwiches“is the latest book from Twitter expert, Mark Shaw. This book will show complete novices to Twitter exactly how to get going. Plus anyone who is an “old hand” with Twitter, it provides some useful reminders and prompts to help you make sure you are getting the best out of Twitter. It’s free to download – and it is beautifully designed which helps enhance the easy-to-read material very well indeed. So, what’s holding you back from downloading it now….?

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Twitter for Business

Twitter for BusinessTwitter for Business is a 20-page guide written by small business marketing expert, John Jantsch who runs Duct Tape Marketing. The booklet covers the basics of Twitter and shows exactly how John uses it for his business, providing a valuable insight into expert usage.

In this report you will find out how you can follow the right people, how to mine Twitter for leads, what “hashtags” mean and how you can manage your daily Twitter activity.

There are dozens of tips in this booklet as well as a variety of links to useful web sites and services to help you improve your use of Twitter.

John says: “I happen to think that Twitter has some fabulous business uses, and not just for the ultra connected techie, for the typical small business too.”

His booklet helps anyone in small business – and the ultra connected techie – to get the most out of Twitter.

Thanks to John for allowing this site to include this useful publication.

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Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Basics of Twitter in this free downloadable booklet

Beginner's Guide to TwitterThis little booklet helps you understand the basics about Twitter. It answers your questions such as “What is Twitter?” and “What can I do with Twitter?”. There is plenty to learn about Twitter, but if you are new to Twittering, or simply want a reminder of ways in which you can use it, this booklet will help.

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How to use Twitter in your business

How to use Twitter in your business is a free report showing how companies can gain from Twitter

Twitter in BusinessTwitter is a microblogging service that allows you to post very short messages of 140 characters or less – so that they can be sent to a mobile phone as a text message, as well as appear on a web site. The idea behind Twitter is that your messages can update people on your status, pass on web links, or provide short items of information that are needed, perhaps by customers.

There are several different ways in which Twitter can be used for business purposes, each of which is explained in this free report which you can download using the link below.

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